Moderators:Jonathan Mitchener, Lead Technologist ICT (Technology Strategy Board)
Phil Williams, (ESP KTN)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) have a long successful tradition of enabling and incentivising the transfer of skills and knowledge from academia to business and simultaneously building deeper relationships between the companies and the universities involved. The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has used KTP as a tool in its innovation armoury since it was born out the DTI in 2007. In late 2011, it was decided for the first time in TSB to use KTP as part of a themed call within its ICT innovation strategy. Specifically it was decided to focus that theme on Parallel and Multicore Programming, as it was obvious that most software was still being developed assuming a single core machine, despite the hardware in most platforms already being multicore. It was further decided to run the Multicore KTP call as a cohort of projects who would meet together throughout the duration of their projects and attend common relevant events. This conference is one such event! Four of the projects from the call are represented at the conference, and in their short plenary session will whet your appetites with overviews of their projects. There is then the opportunity to discuss those projects in more detail during the breaks as they will form a poster presentation outside in the foyer. For more information about KTP please visit on the web. For more information about the Technology Strategy Board visit


Biography : Jonathan Mitchener is lead technologist for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the Technology Strategy Board (TSB where he helps drive investment and innovation amongst UK companies. A first class honours graduate in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire in 1988, he undertook a wide range of roles in more than twenty years with BT including research, systems deployment, and technology and management consultancy, before becoming their futurologist. Subsequently he ran his own business as an independent futurologist helping clients across all sectors understand the impacts of future disruptive change on their businesses. He has travelled widely to speak to, inspire and provoke a range of audiences on technology futures topics, and has also written for many journals and magazines and made media contributions (e.g. BBC). Jonathan covers the whole range of futures topics, but has special interests in ICT, and especially devices and gadgets. Although coming at things from a science and technology perspective, Jonathan also relates his work to economic, social and political contexts. He also uses his wide experience to help advice organisations on successful innovation, and currently formulates UK strategy for ICT at the TSB.


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