Name:Karthik Hariharakrishnan
Designation:Technical Lead for Developer Relations Media Processing Division
Tool:MulticoreWare Advanced Photo and Video EditingEyesight Gesture Recognition

Synthesis Super Resolution

Kishonti CL Benchmark

Media Processing Division is the division that is responsible for the Mali range of GPUs. In Developer Relation we help our gamut of ecosystem partners by giving them advice to get the maximum out of Mali. We also represent ARM at various conferences and tradeshows around the world.

MulticoreWare Advanced Photo and Video Editing – Demo Description: Complex filter sets utilising Renderscript to achieve a performance comparison – With and without GPU acceleration. This is being shown on a Samsung Nexus 10.

Eyesight Gesture Recognition – Demo Description: A 2D camera used here for 3D gesture recognition to capture close and long range functionality. This may be enhanced with stereoscopic sensors. This is being shown on a Samsung Chromebook.

Synthesis Super Resolution – Demo Description: A Proprietary super-resolution algorithm achieves sharp and artifact-free scaling. Implemented in OpenGL ES and Render script compute. This is being shown on a Samsung Nexus 10.

Kishonti CL Benchmark – Demo Description: Full-profile OpenCLâ„¢ benchmark an industry first on mobile silicon. This is being shown on an Arndale Development Board.