Durham University



Icona Solutions Ltd

Name:Nathan Bremner
Designation:KTP Associate in Parallel Engineering Simulation
Title:Optimisations of Perceived Quality Simulations

The pervasiveness of multicore processors presents a significant opportunity to software developers, but many companies lack the knowledge or experience to take advantage of it.
This project aims to improve the performance of Icona’s mature software product esthetica through parallelisation of the simulation process. In doing so, Icona will gain knowledge and experience in the area, while Durham will gain a better insight into the issues companies like Icona face when trying to parallelise their software.
Biography : Nathan Bremner is a Computer Science graduate from Heriot-Watt University. With a strong interest in automated parallelisation and the simplification of the parallelisation process, previous work has focused on parallel implementations of the functional language Haskell.