Name:Paul Keir
Designation:Senior GPU Compiler Developer
Title:The Role of Standards in Heterogeneous Programming

Abstract:  Programming language standards allow specialisation within a domain which is itself highly heterogeneous. Developers may be reassured by the assumption of robust industry support and critique; while the longevity and value of a piece of software is maximised. Recently, a number of standards relevant to heterogeneous programming have been, or will soon be ratified.

The C++11 standard allowed the use of lambdas in another standard: C++ AMP. OpenMP 4.0, meanwhile, will include support for accelerators and is currently open to public review. While the next iteration of OpenCL is eagerly awaited, two related standards are prepared: the OpenCL SPIR compiler intermediate format; and the OpenCL HLM C++ syntax/compiler extensions. Meanwhile, the emergent HSA Foundation provides new alternatives. In this talk I will present a fast-paced overview of an exciting period of transition.

Biography :  Paul is a senior GPU compiler developer at Codeplay Software Ltd., where his main responsibility is as technical lead of the EU FP7 project: LPGPU. Paul has previously spent 10 years as a professional developer of videogames and interactive graphical applications in both research and commercial environments. Paul also has an MSc. in both 3D Computer Graphics; and High Performance Computing (HPC); and recently completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Glasgow on the topic of heterogeneous multicore compilers.

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