Name:Tim Lanfear
Designation:Solutions Architect
Title:The Future of HPC is Heterogeneous

Abstract: The physical scaling laws of silicon technology can no longer be relied upon to deliver increased processor performance, so new processor architecture concepts are needed. The GPU is ideally suited to high throughput parallel processing. The world’s largest and most energy efficient supercomputers use NVIDIA GPUs to provide the majority of their processing power and NVIDIA continues to innovate to extend the reach and applicability of GPUs for HPC.

Biography : Timothy Lanfear is a Solution Architect in NVIDIA’s Professional Solutions Group, promoting the use of the NVIDIA Tesla™ computing solution for high-performance computing. He has twenty years’ experience in HPC, starting as a computational scientist in British Aerospace’s corporate research centre, and then moving to technical pre-sales roles with Hitachi, ClearSpeed, and most recently NVIDIA. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD for research in the field of graph theory, both from Imperial College London.

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