Imagination Technologies

Name:Tony King-Smith
Designation:Executive Vice President Marketing
Title:Portable Native Performance: The Rise of Heterogeneous Platforms and ISA Independence

Abstract:  Tony will discuss how Imagination uses different hardware and software architectures to implement high performance, highly scalable IP (Intellectual Property) cores covering graphics (GPU), video (VPU), communications (RPU) as well as CPU functionality. Processor architectures designed from the start for scalability make all the difference when designing CPUs, GPUs and other processors for mobile devices. He will also explain why low-level hardware ISA dependency is a concept that is past its sell-by date, as the industry begins to embrace the heterogeneous processing revolution.

Biography : Tony King-Smith is responsible for all Marketing, OEM relationships and ecosystems in Imagination Technologies. He has extensive experience in product and segment marketing, including many blue chip corporate relationships. Prior to Imagination, Tony held senior engineering and marketing positions with Panasonic, Hitachi (now Renesas), LSI Logic and INMOS.

Multicore Challenge Presentation                                                                                     Video Presentation