Conference:Multicore Challenge 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Jim Whittaker, Jim is EVP of the Imagination MIPS Processor IP product line.
Organisation:Imagination Technologies Ltd
Presentation Title:Disrupting the Multicore Processor Landscape
Abstract:Much is said about multicore systems, but often this means different things to different people. In this talk, Jim will explain how one key to delivering leading edge CPU IP cores for SoCs is the flexibility of connectivity between cores, clusters and threads, both coherent and non-coherent. But beyond that, it’s also about heterogeneous connectivity, so drawing on Imagination’s many year’s experience of heterogeneous SoC design Jim will explain the impact of this when designing a state of the art 64/32bit CPU.
BiographyJim studied the Electrical and Information Sciences Tripos at Cambridge. He designed the multi-threaded Meta processor, developed Imagination’s chip layout capability and led the hardware team that created the integrated digital radio processors used by Pure.  Jim is EVP of the Meta product line.