Session Type:Multicore Tools Demonstration
Session Title:Profiling and debugging multi-core and multi-process applications
Presenter/s:David Lecomber
Abstract:Developing multi-threaded codes is a necessary but usually complex task, with challenges for performance and correctness.Tools designed for extreme concurrency are bringing the advantages of the performance gains of parallel programming to within reach of the rapidly growing community of parallel software developers.With live demonstrations Allinea MAP and Allinea DDT, we will  show how performance profiling of multithreaded (OpenMP and pthreads) can drive up core usage and improve application performance on multi-core systems – and how to debug such codes

  • Multi-core programming needs tools that are designed for parallel software
  • Core-aware profiling of applications enables performance
  • Debugging of many core applications can be simple – with tools!
BiographyDr David Lecomber is the CEO and a founder of Allinea Software.  He has played a role in parallel and high performance computing for over two decades. In 2002 he helped found Allinea Software to create tools for the forthcoming parallel era. The Allinea team has a passion for making the development of multi-process or multi-threaded codes easier – from the desktop through to supercomputers with millions of cores.David led the development team that created the world’s first Petascale development tools – proven to run concurrently on over 100,000 cores and used on many of the world’s largest supercomputers to help developers push the boundaries of knowledge.