Conference:Multicore Challenge 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Session Type:Multicore Tools Demonstration
Session Title:Android Performance Profiling using GameBench
Presenter/s:Lewis Clark
Designation:Software Engineer
Abstract:This will be a live demonstration of how GameBench can be used to assist in the performance profiling of Android applications. GameBench is a non-intrusive performance profiler that records system statistics such as CPU usage, GPU usage and frames per second, without the need for rooting the device. With most Android devices in the market being multi-core, the tool can measure how the different cores are clocked when a game is being played and also report the utilisation of each core in the system.

  • Android Performance Profiling without rooting.
  • Correlate input and onscreen events with metrics such as frames per second
  • Critically compare the performance of various devices

GameBench is an exciting startup with the goal of enabling a seamless gaming experience across the Android platform. They address the issues created by the fragmentation of Android OS and by the different configurations of mobile devices manufactured for the android market.

BiographyLewis Clark is a software engineer at GameBench Ltd and is currently pursuing a BSc in Computer Science at UWE. With his passion for computer graphics and the android platform, he is currently one of the driving forces behind Androids first ‘real world’ performance profiler.