Conference:Multicore Challenge 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Glenn Farrall, Senior Principal Microcontrollers
Organisation:Infineon Technologies UK
Presentation Title:Safety with Embedded MultiCores
Abstract:Multicore processors were a means to an end – more performance at acceptable power levels. However, for safety applications realising the increase in performance is ‘challenging’. This talk will cover:

  • Safety Critical Systems
  • Hard Real Time
  • Multicore
Biography:Glenn Farrallreceived his Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He started his career with the Australian CSIRO VLSI Programme. He subsequently joined the spinoff Austek Microsystems, where he worked in both the Adelaide, and California offices at various roles from CAD/CAM programmer to cache design. He worked for Apple Computer in the joint development of desktop and server PowerPC processors at the Somerset Design Centre in Austin, Texas. He then moved to Europe and joined STMicroelectronics as development lead of a multiprocessor superscalar embedded media processor, and then went on to co-lead the technical development of the SH5 processor between STM and Hitachi Semiconductors USA. In 1999 he joined Infineon Technologies UK where he has been working in various processor and product development activities, most recently as Senior Principal for the Automotive MicroController group.