Conference:Multicore Challenge 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Karthik Hariharakrishnan, Founder and CTO
Presentation Title:Performance profiling on Android Devices
Abstract:This talk will discuss profiling options available in Android for mobile developers. What are the performance bottlenecks in my application? How can I measure various system parameters when my application is running (Memory/CPU Usage/GPU Usage, etc.)

  • Performance profiling
  • Developer Tools
  • Android
Biography:An embedded software veteran for the last 13 years, Karthik has worked in diverse areas including signal processing, computer vision, virtual machines and computer graphics during his stints at ARM, Motorola and National Instruments. He has published at major conferences for computer vision and mobile graphics. In 2013, Karthik founded GameBench with another colleague from ARM to address issues with Android fragmentation and developer tools. In 2014, GameBench published the first usability test for Android in the Google play store.