Theme Presenter:Ray McConnell, CTO.
Organistation:Blu Wireless Technology Ltd
Presentation Title:Using Multi-Core Multi-Gigabit Wireless Technology for the 1000x mobile data challenge.
  • Massive wireless spectrum available in mmWave bands
  • Scalable and highly targeted multi-core technology for low cost gigabit wireless technology
  • Massively parallel mmwave networks using low cost multi-gigabit small cell technology
BiographyA founder of four technology companies with 20 years of broad range entrepreneurial experience. Specialising in parallel processing technologies applications and tools. Past achievements ranging from custom built VR interactive visualisation machines, graphics super computers, unified GP-GPUs, HPC accelerators. Now supplying highly targeted gigabit wireless processor technology for backhaul and access applications.

Slides and recording unavailable at the request of the speaker