Conference:Multicore Challenge 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Roger Shepherd, Founder
Organisation:Consultant and Founder of Chipless Ltd.
Presentation Title:Multicore for mobile: The More the Merrier
Abstract:This presentation looks at the use of multicore in mobile.A modern smartphone contains many different processors. Typically processors are associated with particular hardware functions. This processor usage follows on from the decomposition of the phone system: separating concerns; using different manufacturing technologies; and using different suppliers.However, the focus of this talk is the application processor. Since early 2011, when LG introduced the dual-core OPtimus 2X smart phone, multi-core application processors have become common, with a number of manufactures now offering octo-core.

This presentation looks at why multiple cores might be better than one, considering both hardware and software issues. Hardware issues include electrical power and energy consumption, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, silicon area, the computing performance of a core, and silicon area. Software issues include the scalability and reactivity of software, and a programmer’s ability to predict the future.

Topics covered include:

  • Modern software systems exhibit limited scalability
  • Prediction is hard – especially about the future.
  • Marketing matters
BiographyRoger joined the semiconductor industry 35 years ago working for Inmos Subsequently he has developed expertise in many areas of parallel systems. Since leaving STMicroelectronics he has set up Chipless and recently gave a keynote at ISPDS-2014 entitled “1979-2014: 35 years of progress in parallel systems?”.