Conference:Multicore Challenge 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Simon Knowles, CTO
Presentation Title:Processors for Intelligent Machines
Abstract:For 70 years we have built and programmed computers which simply do as we instruct. They do not truly participate in finding ways to solve problems, or in exercising judgement where there is uncertainty. We associate these qualities with human intelligence. A new era is beginning, in which we desire machines to see, move, communicate, and adapt as humans do. This requires intelligence, and its efficient delivery requires that we rethink processor design quite fundamentally. As engineers we face this challenge and great opportunity against a back-drop of the end of silicon scaling, In both performance and cost. What shall we build?
BiographySimon Knowles is well known as a silicon engineer, processor architect, and entrepreneur. His 30 year career includes founding two Bristol semiconductor companies, Element14 and Icera, acquired by Broadcom and Nvidia respectively for a combined value of over $1bn. Teams led by Simon have designed custom processors for many different applications, in every process node from 1um to 28nm.