Serrie Chapman of T&VS hosted two webinars where she discussed a new Requirements Engineering tool that has demonstrated significant savings in both the effort and time taken to prove requirements have been implemented by automating the linking of requirements to test plans to test results. If you would like to review the webinars the links are below.

Abstract:  Increasingly, development of both hardware and software is governed by safety standards for a variety of industries (automotive, avionics, rail, medical, nuclear, process, space) which mandate that Requirements Engineering is implemented. AsureSign is an automatic requirement tracking tool. Its main purpose is to collect the status of any kind of test, coverage and other ways to measure the quality of your source code and relate these statuses back to the project requirements.

During the webinar we showed how it was decided to use asureSign within Infineon and expand it to allow asureSign to solve the issues signing requirements off through ‘proof of implementation’. Essentially to ensure safety there are three main areas that need to be considered:

  • Collection and Quality of Requirements
  • Linkage of data whilst retaining hierarchy, context and meaning throughout the Requirements Engineering Tree
  • ‘Proof of Implementation’ – essentially once you have your requirements, how do you prove that they are implemented and working?

Whilst asureSign cannot help you with point 1, it can be used to solve the remaining points……. these webinars shows how.

Requirements Engineering Webinar

Presented on: 20 Feb, 2014

Requirements Engineering & Test for Standards Compliant Development

Presented on: 20 Mar, 2014