Name:John Aynsley
Title:The Verification Future needs an EasierTM UVM

Abstract :  EasierTMUVM consists of a comprehensive set of coding guidelines for the use of UVM and an open-source UVM code generation tool. It automatically generates the boilerplate UVM code for a project according to these guidelines, and thus helps UVM make the transition from an early adopters’ sandpit to a professional methodology.

Biography : John Aynsley is co-founder and CTO at Doulos, where he runs the technical team as well as consulting for customers and delivering training courses and seminars. John has spent his entire career working in EDA, specializing in VHDL, SystemVerilog, and SystemC.  He is co-author of the IEEE 1666-2011 SystemC standard.

Presentation will be made by Francois Cerisier (TVS) on behalf of Doulos

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