Name:Vikas Gautam
Designation:Director of Corporate Application Engineering, Asia Pacific
Title:Will everything start to look like a SoC

Abstract:  Recent Mobile and Processor designs show remarkable similarity to each other. Consider the example of the ARM big.LITTLE configuration of A15 and A7 cores, which provide the ability to switch between high-performance and low power, or the Intel Core i7 with its mobile and desktop configurations.

With the convergence of these two previously distinct design types, the emerging result looks a lot like an SoC every time and, understandably, the largest and most complex SoCs tend to grab the headlines, but they also drive the verification agenda.

The efficiencies and capabilities of verification tools which most benefit SoC designs, are also mighty useful for other types of design, including those more typically found in European design centers, including automotive or industrial designs.

To face these challenges in the future, how will the demands of expanding scale and complexity in the midst of shrinking geometries and timescales drive advanced verification technologies into the mainstream? How quickly will ever greater use of complex Interface and bus protocols drive the adoption of Verification IP standardised around SystemVerilog? Can we continue to scale gate-level simulation or will we look to more predictive RTL simulators to find bugs earlier in the design flow? Can high-level static techniques reduce the demands on RTL simulation itself?

In fact, when we verify in the future, will everything look like a SoC?

In this presentation, Janick Bergeron, Fellow at Synopsys, spreads the verification Tarot to discern the emerging verification technologies, and how unparalleled R&D investment at Synopsys and partnership with leading practitioners is driving several unique technology breakthroughs which will overcome the verification challenges of the near future.

Biography:  Vikas Gautam is working as Director of Corporate Applications Engineering with the Verification Group at Synopsys (India) Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for driving deployment of Synopsys verification tools at customers in Asia Pacific. During his 15+ years tenure at Synopsys, he has held multiple management positions with both R&D and CAE organizations. During this time he worked on development of various simulation and test-bench technologies and also driving definition, development and rollout of Verification technologies to customers.

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