Name:Chris Brown
Designation:Verification Manager
Challenges:Industry Challenge: Improved EDA competition through standardisation

  • The UCIS standard allows the industry to separate coverage collection from analysis and thus enables the development of new analysis tools. How can we take this improvement to all areas of our verification flows

Integration Testing: Improving IP to SoC verification reuse

  • Verification re-use from IP to SoC offers the promise of reduced costs and reduced time-to-market but the reality if different
  • Given the difference in the objectives for IP and SoC verification – is there anything to re-use?
  • And can we close the gap in languages – from UVM at IP to C at SoC?

Biography : Dr Chris Brown joined Broadcom in March of last year where he is the Verification Manager and Technical Lead for Broadcom’s VideoCore team.  He has 17 years of experience leading/managing verification teams in digital and mixed signal applications.

Verification Futures Conference Presentation                                                           Video Presentation