Name:Simon Bewick
Designation:Director ASIC Development
  • Testbench quality: How do we know our testbench is complete and can observe the bugs we want to find.
  • Fewer bugs, earlier bugs: Finding bugs in the design phase and not designing bugs in the first place.
  • Verifying power intent: Verifying complex power intent on large designs.

Biography : Simon graduated from Liverpool University in 1986. After graduation he worked for Philips Semiconductors developing library cells, embedded memories and teletext chips. In 1995 he joined LSI Logic and was responsible for the silicon team that developed LSI’s successful SC2000 family of set-top-box processors, then the Domino[X] media processor that won the CES Innovations Design and Engineering award in 2006. In 2009 Simon joined Aspex Semiconductor helping the company develop the product that won the NMI Low Power Green Design award in 2011. In 2012 Aspex Semiconductor was acquired by Ericsson where Simon is currently Director of ASIC Development.

Verification Futures Conference Presentation                                                             Video Presentation