Name:Tim Blackmore
Designation:Senior Verification Manager
Title:Ensuring re-use of a Highly Configurable Verification Environment

Abstract : The Aurix family of microcontrollers required the delivery of highly configurable TriCore CPUs.  Subsequent families will need even more configurability. Our aim is to maintain a single live verification environment for all past and current configurations. Having such an environment allows simple re-verification of past configurations – even across changes to scripts, tools and IT infrastructure. It also ensures that there is no degradation in the verification environment for current configurations.

Handling such configurability efficiently requires both a controlled process and some tooling. The presentation describes how we are going about this and reports on some early findings.

Biography : Tim took over managing the TriCore CPU verification team within the Microcontroller division of Infineon in September 2013. During this time he has lead methodology developments primarily aimed at improving verification efficiency, as well as continuing to contribute technically – mainly in the areas of formal verification and applying advanced formal techniques to assertion-based verification. He has published on verification and formal methods in several conferences, including DAC, DesignCon, DVCon and iFM, and has served on the TPC for DesignCon. He has also published in leading journals on Information Theory and Mathematics and has a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics.

Verification Futures Conference Presentation                                                                Video Presentation