Name:Gaurav Maheshwari
Designation:Engineering Manager, Software

Abstract: The three major challenges faced by our customers and internal VIP development teams lead to the development of asureSign™ and the challenges are tracking completion of verification of Requirements, lack of ability to demonstrate all requirements have been properly tested and also the disability to do impact analysis of Requirements which will be left untested for a release. This paper talks about how asureSign™ addresses the challenges it is an automatic requirement tracking tool with the main purpose of collecting the status of tests, coverage and other ways to measure the quality of your source code, and relate these status to the project requirements. AsureSign™ addresses the gap between the capture and tracing of functional requirements available in industry leading products and the testing capability provided by a whole host of solutions.

Biography: Gaurav is currently Engineering Manager – Software at Test and Verification. He has over 10 years of experience in developing with C/ C++ and other technologies on and for multiple platforms, with in-depth knowledge on Data Structures, Network Programming, RDBMS, OS and OOPs concepts, along with soft skills on handling Team and Project Management. He has previously worked with Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd as Team Lead, and earlier with Diaspark Inc.

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