Conference:Verification Futures 2015 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Doug Amos, FPGA Network Director.
Presentation Title:Insights into NMI FPGA Usage Survey of UK and Ireland
Abstract:Doug Amos of the NMI will present a thought-provoking summary of the key findings from the October 2014 NMI FPGA Usage survey, highlighting common challenges, skills, methods and trends.

  • FPGA verification is taken more seriously than some might expect, but…
  • FPGA verification needs to be taken even more seriously.
  • FPGA Embedded CPUs now widely used; will this help or hinder verification?
BiographyAmong other things, Doug Amos is Director of the FPGA Network within NMI. Doug has carved out a living from programmable logic and FPGA for over 30 years, holding technical positions with Altera, Synplicity and Synopsys. He was also a freelance consultant designer and “PIP-Pilot” back when LUTs were still a pretty neat idea. In all that time, the one constant has been the rapid change within the industry, and despite its maturity, FPGA still takes a lot of keeping up with, and that will keep Doug busy for some years to come.