Conference:Verification Futures 2015 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Chris Higgs, Lead Developer.
Organisation:Potential Ventures
Presentation Title:Applying agile techniques to FPGA development
Abstract:Agile software development has come to prominence in recent years, but to what extent does this shift in attitudes impact FPGA development?  Chris Higgs will explore some of the benefits from agile that can be applied to FPGA design and verification based on his experience helping companies optimise their development process. He will also discuss some of the challenges encountered and lift the lid on ways to avoid potential pitfalls in order to maximise team productivity.

  • If we engineer our development process we can identify and remove bottlenecks and improve efficiency
  • Verification is effectively a software task and we can apply software techniques and best practices
  • FPGA development is changing – we must adapt to remain competitive
BiographyChris has over a decade of experience working with FPGAs in various industries. His software background has shaped his approach to RTL design and verification. He now spends his time creating solutions to increase the efficiency of companies developing FPGA based products.