Conference:Verification Futures 2015 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Serrie-justine Chapman,
Requirements Engineering Consultant and asureSIGN Product Manager
Organisation:Test and Verification Solutions
Presentation Title:Requirements Driven Verification for Compliance
Abstract:Requirements Driven Verification for Compliance
With the increased complexity of electronics in many industries new standards are fast emerging to ensure Safety and Security of systems. Whilst this is a good thing for industry to improve quality it doesn’t come easily. Serrie will give a short oversight on the Requirements engineering issues associated with attaining the standards.

  • Requirements engineering is now mandatory in Industry
  • Safety requirements analysis
  • Requirements engineering is not easy
BiographySerrie-justine Chapman gained a degree in Computing for Real time systems and spent 10 years doing hardware pre-silicon testing at IP and System level with the Infineon Tricore© Microprocessor product family using a variety of random, directed and formal methodologies. Serrie also spent time working in the background on work such as the IEEE1647 ‘e’ language standardization committee, supporting improvements in tracking and dissemination of information via change management, bug tracking, twiki documentation and requirements tracing. In 2010 due to an emerging automotive safety standard ISO26262, mandating Requirements Engineering, Serrie changed roles to become the requirements manager for the Infineon Microcontroller AURIX Tricore© product family. She is involved on two EC Funding projects