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The speakers registered for the Verification Futures conference are

  1. Harry Foster, Mentor Graphics
  2. Theo Drane, Imagination Technologies
  3. Joachim Geishauser, Freescale Semiconductor
  4. Steve Holloway, Dialog Semiconductors
  5. Stefan Staber, Jasper Design Automation
  6. Jacek Majkowshi, Aldec Inc
  7. Tim Blackmore, Infineon Technologies
  8. Lauro Rizzatti, EVE
  9. Janick Bergeron, Synopsys
  10. Jean Marc Forey, SpringSoft Inc
  11. Luc Burgun, EVE
  12. Barbara Jobstmann, Jasper Design Automation
  13. Miguel Koch, EVE
  14. Carlo Del Giglio, Jasper Design Automation
  15. Francois Cerisier, Test and Verification Solutions Ltd
  16. John Aynsley, CTO – Doulos
  17. Jörg Große, Breker Verification Systems Inc
  18. Nick Heaton, Cadence
  19. Andy Bond, nVidia
  20. Geoff Barrett, Broadcom
  21. Andrew Winkelmann, Wolfson Microelectronics
  22. Klaus Strohmayer, Dialog Semiconductor
  23. Frederic Krampac, Breker Verification Solutions Ltd