Wolfson Microelectronics




Name:Andre Winkelmann
Designation: Principal Design Engineer
  • Traceability of requirements, features, bugs, files, IPs, other artefacts in a highly configurable IP, platform, derivative world
  • Scalability of designs/verification

o   How easy is it to integrate new IPs not just into a product but into a platform of products?

o   How to verify and keep track of the state of IP in case of highly configurable IP/subsystems/designs

  • MS verification made easy with a variety of modelling techniques and abstractions, including power domain information for digital and analogue macros, SV 2012 modelling/netlisting support by tool vendors, UVM-AMS adoption, how do analogue and digital engineers work together with the multitude of skills required?


Digital design complexity of Wolfson’s Audio Hubs has risen rapidly over the last few years. They are multi-million gate designs today and are likely to grow further in the future. This increased complexity meant that the approach for design and verification methodologies used during the development process of Wolfson’s recent products had to evolve.

Andre is responsible for methodology improvements for digital design as well as verification in Wolfson. With 7 years of verification experience and his passion for methodology he regularly presents at conferences. Prior to Wolfson, Andre worked for a full custom design house (MAZ Brandenburg GmbH) as a digital design/verification lead and has a degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in computer engineering of the Technical University of Berlin.

Verification Futures Conference Presentation       Video Presentation