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Name: Klaus Strohmayer
Designation: Member of Technical Staff
Title:Enabling UVM-based Verification of Mixed-Signals Designs from Time Zero

Abstract: Today’s Mixed Signals SoCs contain several digitally controlled analog blocks. The number of interface signals between the analog and digital parts are continuously increasing. For building a state-of-the-art UVM-based verification environment it is required that the UVC representing the analog behavior is available at a very early stage in the design phase. Ideally, the UVC can be used by the designers from the beginning on.

In order to provide a UVC at an early design stage we propose to extend the standard UVCs with the following features. For the designer it is very helpful if he is able to stimulate the analog/digital interfaces either directly or to drive them from an analog model. Directly driving the analog/digital interface is of particular interest as the analog model is in general not available at the point in time when design starts. Providing the directly driven stimulus, still allows to use the UVM environment including the analog UVC for basic verification immediately. Once the analog model becomes available the UVC can switch from directly driven to stimuli provided by the analog model.

Additionally, it must be possible that the UVC can cope with the unavoidable interface changes during the design phase in an appropriate and error-free way. This can be best achieved by using automated code generation in order to combine handwritten and auto generated code as it has been shown in [DVCON2012].

In this presentation we present the extended UVC structure as well as a methodology for automatically generating UVCs to be able to meet all the requirements described above. [DVCON2012] K. Strohmayer and N. Pramstaller, “Holistic Automated Code Generation: No Headache with Last-Minute Changes”, Presented at Design and Verification Conference & Exhibition (DVCon) 2011.

Biography: Klaus Strohmayer is Member of Technical Staff at Dialog Semiconductor. He has more than 13 years of experience in digital design and verification. Prior to joining Dialog Semiconductor in 2008, Klaus was working with Infineon Technologies as digital design and verification expert for the automotive business group. Besides leading the digital design in projects, his main interest is in tooling as well as in design and verification methodologies for complex mixed-signal System-on-Chip Designs.

Verification Futures Conference Presentation