Name:Nick Heaton
Designation:Senior System and SoC Solutions Architect, Cadence
Title: The driving forces & industry innovaton in SoC analysis and verification

Abstract:The massive integration of capabilities in mobile devices has produced an explosion in the complexity of the SoCs that drive them. These devices regularly exceed 100 substantial IP blocks and 100+ millions of gates of logic. Multi-core processing is necessary to drive the growth in real-time consumer applications. The number of variables for architecting the SoCs is beyond what can be evaluated statically or with spreadsheets. The industry is exploring how to leap ahead in productivity and to manage the complexity of the system architecture, system development, and system verification.

This talk will cover the leading edge innovations and major industry trends in these areas. From earlier dynamic architectural analysis, software driven verification, through the increasing use of advanced verification automation. The world of verification is rich with innovation!

Biography: Nick Heaton is an ASIC and EDA veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the design and verification of complex SoCs. Nick graduated from Brunel University, London in 1983 with First Class Honors in Engineering and Management Systems, initially working as an ASIC designer for ICL in Bracknell. In 1993, he founded specialist ASIC Design and Verification Company Excel Consultants, servicing customers such as ARM® and Altera. In 2002, Nick joined Verisity (now Cadence) as Manager of Northern European Consulting Engineering. Nick currently works in the Cadence Research & Development organization as a Senior Solutions Architect with special responsibility for Interconnect Verification Automation and Performance Analysis.

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