Conference:Verification Futures 2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Chris Higgs (Lead Engineer)
Organisation:Potential Ventures
Presentation Title:Exploitation for Fun and Profit
Abstract:To make progress at a competitive pace our engineers must be able to adapt as an FPGA project evolves. The traditional approach of segregating hardware, software and verification teams hamstrings this flexibility and introduces inefficient communication paths. What does it look like if instead we group hardware, software and verification engineers into efficient multi skilled teams? What are the challenges and benefits of organising a company in this way?

To stay competitive we must learn to capitalise on the resources we have available, specifically taking advantage of:

  • Temporal locality of knowledge within our teams
  • Existing and proven tools, projects, IP and best-practice from both hardware and software development
  • The by-products of our engineering process such as metrics and metadata
Speaker Bio:Chris has over a decade of experience working with FPGAs in various industries. His software background has shaped his approach to RTL design and verification. For the past 3 years Potential Ventures has helped companies to improve their FPGA development capabilities through consulting, tooling, training and IP.