Conference:Verification Futures 2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Doug Amos
Organisation:Mentor Graphics on behalf of NMI
Presentation Title:FPGA Verification:  The NMI Survey Says . . .
Abstract:NMI repeated its FPGA Usage Survey in October 2015 yielding new insight on the design and verification of FPGAs in the UK and Ireland.

As the survey master, Doug Amos the NMI’s former FPGA Network director, will make the first public presentation of the key findings of the survey with specific focus on verification and validation.  The survey results will also be compared with a subset of data from the 2014 Wilson Research Group on Functional Verification Study (commissioned by Mentor Graphics).

  • Analysis of 2015 NMI FPGA usage survey
  • Compared and contrasted with European data subset of 2014 Wilson Research Group on Functional Verification Study
Speaker Bio:Doug was shocked to realise that he has been workng in programmable logic and FPGA for over 30 years. In that time he has held technical positions with Altera, Synplicity and Synopsys and has most recently been managing NMI’s FPGA activity. Doug has now embarked on a role as PMM on exciting new FPGA-related projects within Mentor Graphics.Doug did his first programmable logic design in 1983 at Racal and became a qualified “PIP-Pilot” back when LUTs were still a pretty neat idea. Since then, Doug has designed or supported countless FPGA and ASIC designs either as an independent consultant or working with the leading vendors.

Doug became Synplicity’s first engineer and Technical Director in Europe and has presented widely on FPGA design and FPGA-based prototyping since that time, co-authoring the FPGA-based prototyping Methodology Manual in 2011.

Doug holds an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering from the University of Bath, England.

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