Conference:Verification Futures 2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Pete Davy, Director FPGA Network & Future World Symposium
Presentation Title:NMI – Your Champion for the UK Electronics Systems Industry
Abstract:The NMI’s mission is to help make the UK a leading location for electronic systems businesses.
Today the NMI is supporting the Verification Futures conference and in particular the FPGA track.
Find out how NMI could support your company with innovation, operational excellence, investment and skills.
Speaker Bio:Pete Davy is a business consultant helping clients grow their revenue and move into new markets. Pete is an expert B2B marketer and experienced with sales organisations in Europe, Israel and USA. His career is vested in hi-tech enterprise software from the fields of EDA, semiconductor, electronic systems and manufacturing. Pete has a BSc in Electronic Engineering from University of Nottingham. Today Pete is representing the NMI as its Director for their FPGA Network and additionally developing Future World Symposium 2016.