Conference:Verification Futures 2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Joerg Grosse (Product Manager)
Organisation:OneSpin Solutions
Presentation Title:Rethinking Coverage in a Multi-Verification Tool Environment
Abstract:As formal techniques become an essential ingredient of verification flows, a precise coverage metric for formally verified blocks is essential. Various techniques for measuring formal verification progress have been proposed, but many have limitations that make their use suspect. In addition, collating these coverage methods with that of simulation to provide an overall picture is hard. This presentation will compare and contrast various coverage methods for both precision and effectiveness. A coverage model that encompasses simulation and formal metrics will also be discussed, as well as how this model my be applied in industry standards such as UCIS

  • A precise coverage mechanism for formal is required that also may be collated with simulation measurements for an overall progress metric.
  • Mutation coverage techniques may provide such a metric. Fault Observation Coverage is a model-based version of this approach that operates efficiently with formal.
  • The collation of formal and simulation metrics using the UCIS standard, allows for a combined, cohesive picture of overall verification progress over a multi-vendor tool environment.
Speaker Bio:Jörg Große recently joined OneSpin Solution as a Product Manager for Functional Safety.  He has more than 20 years of experience in EDA, functional verification and ASIC design, having served at companies in Europe, the United States and New Zealand.

As co-founder of a successful Silicon Valley based startup, he was central in developing the concept of fault/mutation testing into a state-of-the-art EDA tool.  He deployed this technology in many leading semiconductor companies, increasing the quality of their functional verification.

He holds a Dipl.-Ing.(FH) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Science Anhalt.

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