Conference:Verification Futures 2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Fabian Delguste (Director, CAE)
Presentation Title:The Next Generation of Verification Innovation
Abstract:As a result of the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), there has been an increased demand for smaller, faster and lower power devices with increasing software content.  SoC teams are faced with the challenge of verifying these highly complex chips, compounded by the added pressure of accelerated time to market and demand for earlier software bring up.  This session will cover the latest verification challenges, new market dynamics, and increasing complexities that are impacting the future of verification technology innovation.

  • IoT is increasing the complexity for verification and with it a new set of verification challenges
  • There is a need to ‘Shift Left’ for faster time to market and earlier SW bring up
  • Verification Continuum addressing the need to Shift Left with a unified verification architecture
Speaker Bio:Fabian has been with Synopsys since 2003. He’s currently a CAE director for Europe, responsible for deploying verification solution and methodologies to key accounts.  He manages teams in France, UK and Germany with a key focus on emulation, simulation, debug and VIP.

Prior to Synopsys, Fabian co-founded Qualis Europe where he was a Principal Verification Engineer.  Over the past 25 years, Fabian has held various positions in management, software development and IC design.

Presentation Material:

  • At the request of the speaker Presentation Slides are not available.