Conference:Verification Futures 2017 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Will Davidson (Avionics Systems Design Manager), GE Aviation
Presentation Title:Are we nearly there yet? – Knowing When Enough is Enough in the Verification of Safety Critical Systems
Abstract:The Aviation industry enjoys a long and enviable safety record which has been achieved through the adoption of a holistic approach to functional integrity throughout the entire product lifecycle.

As silicon and tool chain complexity continues to explode at an exponential rate, aerospace designers and project managers are discovering that likewise the effort required in verifying safety critical systems which look to capitalise on this complexity increases also and it begs the question just when enough is enough?

  • Silicon and tool complexity is increasing exponentially
  • Tried, tested and trusted verification techniques no longer scale suitably to support this complexity
  • New verification methodologies are required to prevent verification cost spiralling
Speaker Bio:After studying Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering at The University of Nottingham, Will relocated to Cheltenham in 2005 to take a role as a Graduate Systems Engineer with Smiths Industries, latterly GE Aviation. He has remained with the organisation to this day where he has had responsibility in a number of roles for the development of Cockpit Display products for use in a range of major civil and military aircraft platforms.
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