Conference:Verification Futures 2017 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Helen Monkhouse (Commercial Manager – Functional Safety), HORIBA MIRA Ltd.
Presentation Title:The Challenge of Verifying Highly Automated Automotive Systems
Abstract:Highly automated automotive systems are becoming increasingly complex. This is particularly true for driver assistance systems that take their input from a wide variety of sources, take significant authority over vehicle control and hence safety, and may include nondeterministic behaviour. However, current automotive Type Approval and verification methods were born out of a time when vehicle systems were stand-alone, had easily defined behaviour, and if these systems did misbehave functionally the cause was component failure. Given that the pace of technological advancement is outstripping standards development, how does the automotive industries approach to verification need to change to maintain safety?

  • The current approach to automotive verification & validation
  • How do highly automated systems challenge this approach?
  • How might automotive verification & validation need to change?
Speaker Bio:Helen is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years’ experience working in a product development environment. Helen’s career in system safety started in railway signalling with British Rail Research. She then took that knowledge into the automotive domain working at Jaguar Land Rover for 15 years, as Power train System Safety Technical Specialist. In 2011 Helen joined Protean Electric, a technology company developing in-wheel motors for electric vehicles, as their Product Safety Manager. In 2016 Helen joined HORIBA MIRA as the Commercial Manager for Functional Safety. Helen has published a number of papers on automotive functional safety and promotes industry best practice through her work with MISRA, ISO 26262 and SAE groups. In 2015 Helen also joined the University of York as a doctoral research student; researching controllability and the risk to autonomous vehicles.