Conference:Verification Futures 2017 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Jean-Marc Forey (Senior Field Application Manager), Synopsys
Presentation Title:Automotive Safety and Security in a Verification Continuum Context
Abstract:Use of electronics is rapidly growing in automotive to cover a wide range of systems from powertrain to ADAS and infotainment. This trend is pushing semiconductor companies to deliver a broad set of SoCs, address increasing complexity and cost, expand system and software expertise, and ensure compliance with ISO 26262. When it comes to verification, a strong verification solution is required but it must also be expanded to meet the specific requirements of automotive system development including early software development, speed up of functional safety SoC verification for ISO 26262 and enablement of Tier1/OEM system design. In this presentation Synopsys will discuss how the automotive verification continuum addresses these requirements.
Speaker Bio:Jean-Marc Forey graduated from the ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg’ (1988). He held hardware development positions in Thomson CSF, Matra Marconi Space, Philips TRT, Hewlett-Packard. Over the last 17 years, Jean-Marc has been providing technical support on many verification tools. Jean-Marc is an industry expert in fault insertion, having worked on Certitude since 2005 and more recently on Z01X. Jean-Marc Forey was certified “Automotive Functional Safety Professional” in 2013 by TUV SUD. Jean-Marc runs the VG automotive support team in Europe.