In a recent blog for EETimes, Mike Bartley (founder and CEO of TVS) shared his perspective on the way of testing IoT. A short abstract of the article is enclosed below.

Better design and test procedures will lead to much lower maintenance costs than for systems where those precautions have not been taken.

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a lot. By providing simple sensor and actuator nodes with both local intelligence and access to compute resources spread across the network, it promises to provide the infrastructure not just for smarter systems but systems of systems. Simply by adding new software and compute power, it will be possible to deploy additional services without having to change the things themselves.

But with such power comes a greater responsibility. Week after week of announcements of successful hacks — an increasing number of which are focused on embedded systems and other things at the edge of the network — underline how important security is to this new generation of devices. And they need to be able to ensure resilience under other problems, such as failing sensors, applications failing to access them correctly or errors in the data they are passed.