In the mobile world, fast memory bandwidth is not only defining processing speed, it is also defining screen resolution. LPDDR4 combines high data throughput with power efficient operation for smartphones and tablets. No wonder smartphone makers are racing to adopt LPDDR4. In fact, as per this global Forecast of DRAM market revenue table, 2015 will be the turnaround point, and the first year where LPDDRn related revenue will pass DDRn.

If your organization doesn’t have a strategy in place to verify LPDDR4, then TVS might have the solution. The TVS LPDDR4 VIP (offered as part of the asureVIP™ suite) UVM support allows reusability, fully configurable, coverage driven verification at both IP or SOC level verification. The UVM VIP has extensive constrained-random stimuli generation capabilities, configurable monitors and checks to ensure protocol compliance for Host as wells as Peripherals. Pre-defined coverage bins enable easier extension and coverage collection.

TVS recently joined the MIPI® alliance and the TVS MIPI VIP suite, offered as part of its asureVIP portfolio, continues to expand. The company is also working closely with a number of customers to develop new VIP or to update existing VIP to reflect new MIPI Alliance standards or new versions of existing standards. Potential clients can be confident in the quality of TVS VIP through evaluation of existing VIP.

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