If you are new to Formal Verification and wish to explore the benefits of adoption of Formal,  you should surely attend DVClub, Bangalore on 3rd July.

M V Achutha Kiran Kumar, Staff Engineer at Intel, will be presenting on the history of formal verification adoption at Intel® and also his experience in bringing up the formal verification flow.   Achutha’s team at Intel have implemented formal techniques in various areas which include control path, data paths, RTL2RTL formal and connectivity analysis and also established methodologies to enable formal verification at the design stage.

According to Achutha, the key to successful adoption of Formal Verification lies in:

•  Starting with simple Equivalence Verification,  which has high ROI with lesser investment and gains the designers/management confidence.

•  Focusing on the longer term benefits since Formal is a higher investment to start with.

•  Consistent support from management.

There will also be other interesting presentations by product companies on their experience in adoption of formal.Make sure you book your seat.Registration is completely free and webinar registrations are open too.