Formal-based solutions have proven invaluable for tough verification problems, where the exhaustive nature of the formal approach may be combined with targeted apps. However, the apps that we have seen so far pale in comparison with the possibilities afforded by this technology.

Formal techniques have the potential to revolutionize electronic verification and move beyond this space to other areas. However, to realize this potential, more thinking about the way we apply formal solutions is required. On the 21st May, OneSpin will make an announcement, which it believes will start to address this gap. Come along to this presentation to hear more about this interesting development.

  • We need to address the gap between formal actual and formal potential.
  • Requires some different thinking about formal technology delivery
  • Announcement on May 21st will explain more

Hear the above talk by Raik Brinkmann, a co-founder of OneSpin Solutions, and 8 other speakers at the free one day Formal Verification conference held at Reading, UK on Thursday, 21 May and you have the option to attend in person or via remote access. Attendees will gain from the event whether they are just trying to learn how to apply formal verification or expert users.

Places are limited and this event often sells out so we recommend early registration.

Speaker and registration details can be found here.