The offroad parts supplier recently finished working on a research graphic “The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market”, which they agreed we could share with our readers as it provides a very good summary of the current state-of-play.

The autonomous car market is currently growing at an existential rate and many driverless vehicles are expected to be on our roads this year, and in large numbers.

Critics have publically stated how they feel about these types of vehicles hitting our roads but many fail to realise that this development started over 80 years ago – and the experts feel these initial plans (and the public testing in 2016 along with huge investment inbetween) will be put into practice before we know it.

There have been many financial, practical and scientific challenges involved in the development of these vehicles that we decided to explore further.

In the infographic, you will discover:

  • The history of autonomous cars
  • The challenges involved in engineering the coveted autonomous car
  • How DARPA have been involved in testing driverless cars
  • The advent of Google X
  • The science behind autonomous vehicles
  • What the future holds for the autonomous car market
  • Which car brands have driving patents for autonomous vehicles
  • The projected launch date for driverless card (for test or commercial purpose)
  • Projected market penetration of autonomous cars in the UK
  • SAE levels explained