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T&VS Takes Part at the Verification 3.0 Innovation Summit on 19th March 2019

Driven by a who’s who of verification technology leaders, the Verification 3.0 Innovation Summit has been established to focus on verification innovation. This exclusive, half-day seminar will provide advanced technical content focused around a range of topics on semiconductor verification, as well as a keynote and a reception. To be held on the afternoon of March [...]

2019-03-25T16:45:04+00:0026th February, 2019|Events, Hardware Verification|

T&VS to present Formal Verification Bootcamp at DVCon USA on Feb 25, 2019

During the last week of February, the DoubleTree hotel in San Jose, California will once again host DVCon U.S. T&VS are delighted to be contributing to the program by presenting a 'Formal Verification Bootcamp' where delegates can enhance their knowledge of formal verification with hands-on examples using SystemVerilog assertions. Formal Verification Bootcamp Speaker: Michael [...]

2019-01-16T10:07:38+00:009th January, 2019|Events, Hardware Verification|

Portable Stimulus Specification (PSS) and the Reuse Revolution

Figure: The need for portability The enclosed technical article is a collaboration between an expert user, Mike Bartley (Test and Verification Solutions), with a senior solution architect, Sharon Rosenberg (Cadence) to provide a complete picture of the problem statement, a solution paradigm and technology, and the user benefits and impact of applying [...]

2018-04-27T09:44:25+00:0023rd February, 2018|Hardware Verification|

See T&VS at DVCon USA (Feb 26 – Mar 1, 2018) and on Panel: Can we learn anything from new big data techniques?

During the last week of February, the DoubleTree hotel in San Jose, California will once again host DVCon U.S. and T&VS are delighted to be contributing to the 'Big Data' panel discussion titled: Help! System Coverage is a Big Data Problem! moderated by Brian Bailey of Semiconductor Engineering. Portable Test and Stimulus - The Next [...]

2018-04-27T10:03:00+00:008th February, 2018|Events, Hardware Verification, Thought Leadership|

Cadence Collaborates with T&VS on Portable Stimulus

Steven Brown from Cadence recently sat down with Mike Bartley to get his insights into Portable Stimulus and the collaboration between the two companies. The following is a summary of that discussion. Read the original blog at Cadence. The Cadence Connections Verification Program brings together a worldwide network of services, training, and IP development experts [...]

2018-04-27T10:12:13+00:0023rd January, 2018|Hardware Verification, Thought Leadership|

T&VS Bring V&V Expertise to Innovate UK Funded Autonomous Commerical Vehicles Project

Dubbed "RoboPilot", the project will see Charge Automotive lead a consortium, including T&VS, to bring autonomous racing technology to the light commercial vehicle market and demonstrate SAE level 4 autonomy. RoboPilot features in the second stream of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV2) projects that were recently awarded £31m of Innovate UK led funding.  The CAV2 [...]

T&VS Contributes to PEnDAR Project

A Feasibility Study Into the Cost-Effective Capture, Validation and Verification of the Performance (and Resource Cost) of Complex Systems During the Design Process PEnDAR (Performance ENsurance by Design, Analysing Requirements) is an InnovateUK funded collaborative project between Test and Verification Systems (T&VS), Predictable Network Solutions (Lead Participant), and Vodafone Group. With society’s increasing dependence on [...]

Safety Critical Verification – Who Can Help with my IC Design?

In a recent post on the EDA article clearinghouse,  Jim Hogan of Vista Ventures LLC looked into how all the EDA vendors  and leading consultants rate in terms of support for Safety Critical IC Verification. Jim starts by stating: "Today there is no one EDA company that has all the tools necessary to do safety critical chip verification [...]

2017-06-01T14:09:03+00:001st June, 2017|Hardware Verification, Thought Leadership|

How to Protect the IoT with secure hardware

As the IoT devices continues to expand exponentially, security threats to hardware is an also growing concern and it becomes more of a reality to the organizations, the importance of securing the billions of remote, connected objects, networks against cyber-attack becomes increasingly challenging. This article explores why the use of secure hardware is recommended for [...]

2017-05-24T05:35:45+00:0024th May, 2017|Hardware Verification, Thought Leadership|

What are your Biggest V&V Challenges?

Verification Futures has been running since 2011 in the UK and has also run in France, Germany and India.  During that time over 30 verification managers and engineers have presented their 3 top verification challenges, resulting in close to 100 different challenges being shared with the community (see table below). Analysing that data tells us that their [...]