The third Intelligent Testing conference will take place at the UWE Conference Centre in Bristol on the afternoon of 18 November 2014, under the theme “Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing”.

The conference keynote address will be provided by Paul Gerrard, a distinguished software test expert, author of several testing books, recipient of both the EuroSTAR European Testing Excellence award in 2011 and The European Software Testing Awards (TESTA) award for Lifetime Achievement in 2013, and host of the UK Test Management Forum and Chair of the Eurostar 2014 Conference in Dublin later this year. Paul is a popular speaker and is always worth listening to.

Abstract of Paul’s Keynote:

“This talk proposes a model of the thought processes that every tester uses.  In a sentence, what we do is this: “We explore sources of knowledge to build test models that inform our testing”. The model identifies two modes of thinking – exploration and testing – and we use judgement to decide when to flip from one to the other.  Exploration has four activities: enquiring, modelling, predicting and challenging. Testing has six activities: informing, applying, interpreting, logging, reporting and refining. Separating out these ten activities clarifies what testers do.  It identifies the capabilities and skills that all tester need to acquire, to practice and excel in.”

Other Intelligent Testing Presentations

Paul will be joined by a number of other industry speakers who will be presenting the latest developments in software test and verification that can improve software quality and reduce time to market, including the following:

  • Automated Software Defect Prediction Using Machine Learning
    Dr Leandro L. Minku, University of Birmingham – Research Fellow II
  • Service Virtualisation and its Benefit to Testing
    Andrew Thompson, Parasoft – UK Solution Architect
  • Application Security Testing – Where Are We Now?
    Declan O’Riordan, Test and Verification Solutions – Head of Security Testing
  • The SEI Personal Software Process: Improve Yourself!
    Dr Roderick Chapman, Protean Code Ltd – Director

How Do I Find Out More and Register?

Places will be limited and the turnout for our previous conferences has been larger than we expected so please don’t delay your registration for this FREE conference.

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