Today Cyber Security is a major National Security Problem, and NCSSS the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards are applying decades of expertise to the task. As the most networked nation on earth, the India is extremely vulnerable. To keep systems safe and foil potential attacks, NCDRC the National Cyber Defense Research Center develops protective technologies, conduct threat assessments, and analyze Government, Military, and Civilian computer networks.The NCSSS is planning to establish 60 NCDRC’s across India. As part of that the following three research centers have been established in Tamilnadu, India.

The Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology (KIT) has established a National Cyber Defence Research Centre with help from the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards. A Press Release from the college said that Justice T.N. Vallinayagam, a former Judge at the Madras High Court who inaugurated the centre, said that young engineers should use their knowledge and skills to prevent cyber crimes, recalling instances where hackers used personal details of innocent web users to stealmoney.

Mr Arulselvar Thomas who is working as Security Testing Specialist at TVS, India and Sathish Ashwin,Security Research Analyst at Real Image Media Technologies are both heading the position of NCDRC – National Technical committee. Arulselvaris actively participating with the NCDRC  cyber security research to help Indian governmentfight cyber crime. Arulselvar also participated in the Inauguration function of NCDRC’s  Application Security  research center at KIT.

Arulselvar presented to all of the chief guests including Brigadier S.Suresh Kumar, VSM Commandant, Dr. S.Amar Prasad Reddy, Additional Director – General of NCSSSand research students about how the way this cyber security research lab will helpful for Indian government. He also explained the importance of  privacy and personal information. He gave a live demo about how hackers are able to identify the online presence and Identity of individuals. Arulselvar was also ableto answer numerous question from the assembled press and clarify the doubts of many news reporters with his team.

TVS Solution:

To help companies protect their applications and networks against security vulnerabilities TVS has designed a comprehensive suite of security; training, coaching, testing and project review packages that ensure your staff have the right skill-sets to be able to build effective security defences directly into you applications. TVS in-house security experts will help you to better understand what you can do internally to build security into your applications, how to test for vulnerabilities and what you should outsource to experts. Arulselvar has dedicated his self for Information Security Research and Penetration Testing. Now Arulselvar working as a Security Testing Specialist at asureSECURE TVS, Chennai, India. He is taking care of TVS client’s Web, Mobile, IoT and Network security assessment to ensure the level of security against internal and external threats. Arulselvar and the TVS team have excellent experience to handle all security incident against clients application and networks. The TVS application security assessments satisfy the controls of ISO 27000, PCI:DSS HIPAA and NIST.

TVS can provide cost effective security assessments without compromising the quality which can suitable for Small, Medium and Large scale companies.





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