I am posting with my West of England LEP hat (see http://www.westofenglandlep.co.uk/).

I chair the Microelectronics Sector Group and our remit is to encourage sector growth within the region. With that in mind I am working with the UKTI who have a team that works with foreign companies who have an existingUKpresence which they would like to increase. The team will be inBristolnext Friday 1st June and have asked me to contact local companies with regard a meeting. This would be a one-one meeting between you and the UKTI to come up with a bespoke solution. Below is a list of areas where they can potentially help you.

Please let Ben Shorrock ([email protected]) know if you would like a 45 minute meeting with the UKTI team inBristol

R&D collaboration

Fujitsu- Through interactions with Fujitsu it became apparent that there were opportunities to work with the Research and Development function around High Performance Computing. UKTI worked with Fujitsu in theUKto build an internal business case for undertaking the work here.  A key part of this was introducing Fujitsu to major British universities and building a picture of key capabilities. Organisations UKTI worked with to facilitate this process included Imperial College London,ManchesterUniversity, University College London and theUniversityofOxford.  This project has now developed more widely and has become the Open Peta Scale Initiative- www.openpetascale.org

Access to the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network FP7 research funding- a European funding scheme which funds collaborative research programmes in key areas. The next series of calls are being published during Summer/Autumn 2012 including;

  • Future Networks (€48.5 million)
  • Software Engineering (€41.5 million)
  • Internet of Things (€36 million)
  • Nanoelectronics (€32 million)
  • Photonics (€48.5 million)
  • Smart energy grids (€18 million)
  • Optimising energy systems in smart cities (€40 million).

Tax Credits/Grants

UKTI worked with company x whose business is cryptographic keys and security primarily within the financial services industry. UKTI worked with company x to assess their intellectual property for the Patent box scheme, which allows companies to pay a reduced level of tax on valid patents. This allowed the company to effectively assess where was best within their EMEA operations to hold IP and subsequently mitigate their tax bill. As part of this process UKTI also worked with company x introducing them to universities and explaining the benefits of R&D tax credits which allowed them to receive a rebate and build a business case to move a part of their R&D function from Eastern Europe to theUK. http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/d/patent_box_presentation120112.pdf


UKTI have worked with a number of companies to develop specific skills and development packages in conjunction with further and higher educational institutions. A recent of example of this is the development of a specific degree in Treasury services for the Bank of New York Mellon (BONYM). BONYM had established their European growth centre inManchesterin 2005 and now employs 1,500 staff. UKTI and its partners have worked with BONYM to develop an Advanced Apprenticeship in Investment Administration, a new qualification backed by the Financial Services Skills Council. Since launching the qualification over 100 members of staff have signed up. In addition UKTI and partners have facilitated a relation withManchesterMetropolitanUniversityto develop a part-time Financial Services BA Honours Degree course to help 70 BONYM employees take their career further within the industry. This has been a major success, providing higher level training that meets the company’s specific needs, and a continuous development path for those employees who have completed the Apprenticeship programme.