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The S in IoT stands for Security

Security in IoT has to be taken more seriously and not just as an afterthought once the device is compromised.  Why are there so many devices out there that are just wide open to the most basic hacks? Many have default passwords and don’t even use encryption. Whose responsibility is it to fix it and [...]

22nd November, 2016|IoT|

How to secure the future of IoT

The world of IoT security just became more complex. IoT devices are no longer a potential threat to their owners, now they pose a significant threat to everything connected to the Internet. Security features must be considered early in the design process to ensure the device is protected from the advanced cyber-threats they will be [...]

14th November, 2016|Blog, IoT, Thought Leadership|

Is IoT Really the New Wild West?

This weekend has seen many new headlines in the mainstream press regarding the recent botnet attack creating more fear and lack of consumer trust in IoT devices, headlines such as: "Do you want your shower to help Russian hackers? " "IoT-enabled botnet launches record 1.5Tbps DDoS attack!" Just why are IoT devices so vulnerable and who is [...]

Cyber security measures for IoT medical devices

With the incidents of healthcare-industry cyber attacks and data breaches increasing, the issue of medical devices that are connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) is exponentially increasing. This article from Electronic Specifier describes how to implement and integrate cyber security measures when developing healthcare IoT appliances. Read More Find out how T&VS Medical Testing [...]

21st October, 2016|Blog, IoT, Thought Leadership|
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