At DVClub Europe on July 1st, John Biggs (Chair of the IEEE1801 UPF Working Group) gave an invaluable insight to UPF both current and future.  He first reviewed the main UPF components such as Power Domains, Power Supply Network, Power State Tables, Isolation Strategies, Retention Strategies and Level Shifter Strategies.  John explained all of these with well-chosen examples.

Given John’s position at ARM, he took time to explain the UPF capability for “Successive Refinement of Design Intent” whereby an IP supplier can supply a “Constraint UPF” along with the RTL. The IP user then adds then adds a “Configuration UPF” to create a golden source for the implementation team which adds an “Implementation UPF” for synthesis etc.

John also gave an overview of the May 2013 release of the standard (UPF-2.1) highlighting the additions made.  John’s slides and a video of his presentation can be found on our website.

The rest of the DVClub was dedicated to verification of UPF designs and can also be found on our website.