risc-v-bannerThe RISC-V ISA has been featured in the latest edition of the Microprocessor Report in and item “RISC-V OFFERS SIMPLE, MODULAR ISA” written by David Kanter of The Linley Group.

Concluding Summary

On the basis of early developments, the RISC-V ISA appears promising. It offers all the basic RISC features witha few twists that simplify the implementation, thereby reducing die area and potentially power consumption. Compared with today’s two most popular ISAs, RISC-V offers considerable area savings, particularly for low end designs and the ability to add custom extensions. Compared with ISAs such as ARC and Tensilica, RISC-V offers fewer technical advantages but its open source business model will continue to drive interest in the new ISA.

Download the Report

The RISC-V Foundation has retained distribution rights for this report and the full report can be downloaded and freely distributed from their website at:

  • https://riscv.org/2016/04/risc-v-offers-simple-modular-isa/

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