Alex Orr of Broadcom will speak at the third annual TVS Formal Verification conference on Thursday, 21 May on his first 100 days in formal-land. With tens of years of experience with dynamic simulation from TLM to UVM I used formal techniques for the first time on my current project. Can this old verification dog learn new tricks?

Is there gain for the pain and how much did it hurt? Will I be using it on my next project …

  • New users perspective
  • Dynamic vs static mindset
  • Adopting new techniques

Hear this great talk and 8 other speakers at the free one day Formal Verification conference held at Reading, UK on Thursday, 21 May and you have the option to attend in person or via remote access.

Attendees will gain from the event whether they are just trying to learn how to apply formal verification or expert users.

Places are limited and this event often sells out so we recommend early registration.

Speaker and registration details can be found here