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Emulation and Validation Services for Mobile SoC

T&VS recently engaged with a customer who develops complex SoCs which are used in state-of-the-art, high-end mobile phones and is a leading patent holder in advanced mobile technologies. The customer selected T&VS to perform Emulation and Validation Services for a major Mobile SoC Project and using FPGA-based emulation of their mobile phone SoC. In order to reduce the complexity and increase the work efficiency, T&VS employees worked at the customer location to elicit, gather and understand the requirement by closely working with the SoC architects. During the project T&VS were able to discover multiple bugs in the RTL and allowed the customer to validate the SoC design through execution of software. The FPGA platform could then be used for further software development.

YouTube Videos

  • Emulation Prime Time in SoC Design Verification
  • Debug with Emulation – Revealing what’s not Visible with Simulation
  • SCE-MI Obviously. But Which one?
  • Automating SoC-Level Tests with Portable Stimulus ?

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